Deze publicatie heeft als doel de geschiedenis van de Villa Empain te herpositioneren in zijn historische context. Het boek gaat in op de carrière van architect Michel Polak en de Belgische architecten van het interbellum. Een deel van het boek is gewijd aan de restauratie met de nadruk op het smeedwerk van Edgar Brandt en Alfred François, het glazen dak van Max Ingrand en de tuin. Het is bijzonde
Multiple languages, French, Dutch, English
Bruxelles: CFC-Éditions, 2020
127 pagina's : illustraties
9782875720559 (paperback)

About Jean Boghossian

CC BY-SA 4.0 - Image by Fuzheado

Jean Boghossian (born 1949, Aleppo, Syria) is a Brussels-based Lebanese artist, sculptor, and painter of Armenian descent.

Boghossian is one of the few artists globally who experiment by applying fire and smoke to various works. Fire is his artistic language of choice, and he uses a wide array of brushes and torches as his tools. Objects burned often include various mediums such as canvas, paper, books, chairs, and paintings, at times leaving behind patterns of perforation, using distinctive and diverse techniques.

Boghossian has exhibited “Between Two Fires” at the Beirut Exhibition Center 2015-2016, and is presenting, “Traces Sensibles” at the Museum of Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium February to May 2017. Following that, Boghossian will present “Fiamma Inestinguibile" at the 57th International Art Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia with the Pavilion of the Republic of Armenia, May to November 2017.

Boghossian is also the President of the Boghossian Founda…Read more on Wikipedia