Fotograaf Latif al Ani (°1932, Bagdad) is de vader van de Iraakse fotografie. Hij was de eerste die het kosmopolitische leven van het bloeiende Irak van de jaren 1950 tot 1970 vastlegde in beeld. Zijn unieke zwart-witfoto's vormen het visuele geheugen van een land tijdens zijn gouden jaren. Al Ani toonde de levendige Iraakse cultuur in al zijn overdaad en complexiteit. Hij documenteerde het steeds
Latif Al Ani
Latif Al Ani 1932-
Tamara Chalabi Morad Montazami Shwan Ibrahim Taha
[Veurne]: Hannibal, 2017
175 p. : ill.
9789492081889 (hardback)

About Latif Al Ani

Latif al-Ani (born 1932 in Baghdad, Iraq) is an Iraqi photographer, often known as "the father of Iraqi photography" and noted for his photographic works that combine both ancient and modern themes. During his active career from the 1950s through to the late-1970s, he chronicled an Iraq way of life that was rapidly being lost as the country embarked on a modernisation program. He documented people, ancient monuments and many facets of urban life in Iraq. He stopped taking photographs following the rise of Saddam Hussein, finding that he was unable to maintain his former optimistic outlook for Iraq's future.

Life and career

Latif al-Ani was born in Baghdad in 1932. During his childhood, relatively few commercial photographers were operating in Iraq. The social and religious prohibitions on making images and figurative representations meant that Iraq was relatively late-adopter of photography an…Read more on Wikipedia