The second sleep
Robert Harris 1957-
[Plaats van uitgave niet vastgesteld]: Random House, 2019
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About Robert Harris

CC BY 3.0 - Image by Krimidoedel Dr. Jost Hindersmann

Robert Dennis Harris (born 7 March 1957) is an English novelist and former journalist. Although he began his career in journalism and non-fiction, his fame rests upon his works of historical fiction. Beginning with the best-seller Fatherland, Harris focused on events surrounding the Second World War, followed by works set in ancient Rome. His most recent works centre on contemporary history. Harris was educated at Selwyn College, Cambridge, where he was president of the Cambridge Union and editor of the student newspaper Varsity.

Early life and education

Robert Harris spent his childhood in a small rented house on a Nottingham council estate. His ambition to become a writer arose at an early age, from visits to the local printing plant where his father worked. Harris went to Belvoir High School in Bottesford, Leicestershire, and then King Edward VII School, Melton Mowbra…Read more on Wikipedia